Automated Gas Sorption Analyzer Quantachrome  Autosorb-iQ-KR/MP-XR
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Automated Gas Sorption Analyzer Quantachrome Autosorb-iQ-KR/MP-XR

Analyser for measuring the specific surface and volume of solids. It allows to measure the specific surface physisorption of nitrogen (0.1 m2 / g) or argon (0.0005 m2 / g) and pore size from 0.35 nm to 400 nm. The device is equipped with two measuring ports, and allows for long-term analysis of up to 90 hours. Degassing system allows the simultaneous preparation of two samples with programmable heating to 350 ° C.
Precision pressure transducers: <± 0.1% full scale (1000 torr) and <± 0.15% (10 and 0.1 torr setting)
Pressure range: 0-0.13 MPa
Resolution: 0.000025% of range (1000 torr transducer: 0.00025 mm Hg, 10 torr transducer: 0.0000025 mm Hg, 0.1 torr transducer: 0.000000025 mm Hg)
Sensitivity: <2 x 10-8 moles adsorbed / desorbed gas respectively. 0.01 m2 for the adsorption of nitrogen and 0.0005 m2 for adsorption of krypton
Achievable vacuum: 5x10-10 mbar (5 x 10-7 Pa) (3.75 x 10-10 mm Hg)
Adsorbents: N2, O2, Ar, Kr, CO2, CO, H2, NH3, or any other non-corrosive gases