Variable Density Extruder Caleva
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Variable Density Extruder Caleva

A bench-top screw type extruder designed for R&D process development and small batch production work in the laboratory. Unique variable hole depth dies available. Extrudate density can be varied according to the requirement of the formulation.
Hole diameters: between 0.5 mm and 2.0 mm.
Hole depths: between 0.5 mm and 8 mm. (Not all combinations are possible in all configurations).
Extrusion rates up to 1 kg batches in 2 minutes with a radial screen and 1 kg batches in 3 minutes with an axial screen.
Minimum batch: Dependant on configuration. Trials have shown that about 75 g of material
remained in the extruder after extrusion of 1 kilo batches. The minimum load can be
about 300 g for radial extrusion and about 50 g with the axial extrusion