Rotational Reometer Kinexus pro+
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Rotational Reometer Kinexus pro+

Device for measuring the deformation response of the material to an applied shear stress. Measurement is possible in both the controlled shear stress (CSS) and under controlled shear rate (CSR). The measuring cell is equipped with a Peltier element, which enables fast and accurate temperature control of the selected temperature. The device is used to characterize asphalt binders according to the American SUPERPAVE system and non-standard rheological tests with a wide range of adjustable parameters.
Torque range: 10nNm to 200mNm. (Viscometry - Controlled Rate and Controlled Stress); 2nNm to 200mNm. (Oscillation - Controlled Strain and Controlled Stress)
Torque resolution: 0.1nNm.
Position resolution: <10nrad.
Angular velocity range: 10nrads-1 to 500rads-1
Frequency range: 6.28µrads-1 to 942rads-1 (1µHz to 150Hz).
Motor inertia: 13µN.m.s2.
Normal Force range: 0.001N to 20N (50N optional).
Normal Force resolution: 0.5mN.
Normal Force response time: <10ms.
Vertical lift speed: 0.1µms-1 to 35mms-1
Vertical lift range (measurable): 230mm.
Gap resolution (over full vertical lift range): 0.1µm
Temperature range: -40°C to 200°C (Peltier plate and active hood cartridges)
Temperature resolution: 0.01°C.