Versatile Distillation Apparatus PILODIST 105
Versatile Distillation Apparatus PILODIST 105

Versatile distillation apparatus with high separation efficiency.
The system is designed for automatic operation and includes an automatic fraction collector. The fraction changes resp. the receiver changes are automatically carried out according to pre-selected boiling temperatures or when the receivers are filled up. The vacuum-tight fraction collector contains 9 receivers and provides an overfill protection for each receiver. The receiver volume is related to the flask size. Gentle distillation by temperature controlled oil bath with product circulation. Operation range from ATM down to vacuum. Equipped with processor based distillation control device DCD4001 with heating controller for oil bath and heating mantle, automatic reflux control, vacuum controller and controller for the automatic Fraction collector. Suitable for solving difficult separation problems and for the production of pure substances, aromatic compounds of high molecular weight, fatty acids etc.
Flask sizes: 2000, 4000, 6000 ml
Charge quantity 100 - 4000 ml
Operating temperature 20° - 250° C
Operating pressure 1000 - 0.1 mbar
Separation efficiency: > 75 theoretical plates (55 – 82 real plates depending on load)
Column fill:  oriented filler SULZER EX