FLASH 2000 Combustion CHNS/O Analyzer
FLASH 2000 Combustion CHNS/O Analyzer

Device for determination of total content of carbon, hydrogen, sulfur and nitrogen in the organic and inorganic powder materials. After combustion, the reduction and separation of components by column chromatography followed by TCD detection. Oxygen can be measured in organic substances on the detection of the CO generated from the oxygen contained in the sample and pure carbon.
Analysis Time: 8 min (CHN), 10 min (CHNS)
Measurement Range: 0.01–100% for C, H, N and S
Sample Size: 0.01–100 mg
Accuracy (Theoretical/Experimental Value; given in %):
CHNS combustion temperature: 950 ° C with possibility of decomposition enhancing by additives.
The decomposition temperature for the oxygen 1050 ° C.
Autosampler for solid samples with application to the liquid organic samples.