The Abbemat Digital Refractometer
The Abbemat Digital Refractometer

The Abbemat Digital Refractometer allows rapid and non-destructive determination of refractive index. The results are obtained with an accuracy of ± 0.00002 nD.

The Abbemat T-Check calibrates and adjusts the surface temperature of the prism of all Anton Paar refractometers.

Independent on the sample properties, you can measure:

  • all types of samples from liquids to pastes, from polymers to solids,
  • cloudy, colorful or opalescent samples,
  • liquids containing mechanical impurities or gas bubbles.

Moisture, temperature, or vibrations do not influence the measurements. The Abbemat's memory has range of scales which allow conversion of the refractive index to concentration, etc.

Measuring ranges Refractive Index Scale (RI) Abbemat 500/550
Range nD 1,26 to 1,72
Resolution nD ± 0,000001
Accuracy nD ± 0,00002
Range 0 - 100 %
Resolution 0,001 %
Accuracy 0,015 %
Range 4 to 85 °C
Accuracy of the temperature sensor ± 0,03 °C
Temperature probe stability ± 0,002 °C


Compliance with international standards ASTM, ICUMSA, OIML, AOAC, DIN / ISO, FDA, ISI, JIS

  • ASTM D 1218 and ASTM D 1747