Potentiometric Titrator Metrohm
Potentiometric Titrator Metrohm

OIL Titrando enables to perform potentiometric titrations in both aqueous and non-aqueous media. The automatic titrator is equipped with an input for automatically recognizable electrodes (iTrode) and polarizable electrodes for potentiometric titrations. The dynamic (DET), Monotonic equivalence point (MET) and the endpoint titrations (SET) can be performed. The MEAS mode enables measurements of pH, temperature potential, and direct ion concentration measurements using ISE electrodes with optional nine-point calibration.

Applicability of the automatic titration instrument:

  • acid-base titrations in both aqueous and non-aqueous media, including ASTM D664 (acid number) and D2896 (base number) procedures
  • redox titrations
  • precipitation titrations
  • complexometric titrations
  • pH measurements
  • working with ISE electrodes


  • to the point of equivalence
  • recognizing at least of 3 points of equivalence
  • to more than 1 endpoint
  • to the selected point (pH, mV)

Titration SW (including operating system):

  • complete titrator control - potential measurement, mixing, dosing
  • creating and editing of methods, their exporting and importing
  • on-line recording of measured data (whole titration curves)
  • evaluation of measured data
  • database archiving of all results, measured values and analysis parameters
  • automatic calculation of statistical values: mean, sd, rsd
  • export of measured data at least to xls