The AirSTAR CFPP Analyzer
The AirSTAR CFPP Analyzer

The AirSTAR CFPP analyzer is a fully automatic, modular CFPP filtering device. It is possible to add modules for determination of paraffin discharge temperatures and the cloud point (Cloud & Pour Point). This compact desktop device is easy to use with touch screen.

The integrated ColdBlock cooling unit does not contain any liquids, and no external coolers are needed thanks to cooling capacity up to -105 °C.

The CFPP meter is modular: the ColdBlock and the CFPP heads are modules which can be combined or used independently. The AirSTAR CFPP is wireless. The user removes the CFPP head from the ColdBlock module and inserts it into the cleaning docking station or vice versa.

Features of the CFPP head:

  • Integrated, microprocessor controlled vacuum pump for constant pressure of -2.0 kPa according to the method specifications
  • Precise detection of samples with laser technology even in case of condensation and freezing
  • The Powercast® technology for wireless CFPP power supply
  • Pipette and filter unit - according to the method specifications
  • Easy PT-100 connection, built-in memory for calibration data and unambiguous ID
  • Easy installation


The analyzer corresponds to the valid ASTM, EN, IP and JIS methods.

  • EN 116 Cold filter plugging point (CFPP) - Gradual Cooling Method
  • EN 16329 Cold filter plugging point (CFPP) - Linear-cooled bath method