The Volumetric Karl Fischer Titrator
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The Volumetric Karl Fischer Titrator

The Volumetric Karl Fischer Titrator by Hanna Instruments HI903 measures within 100 ppm up to 100 % water content. The titrator meets requirements for volumetric determination of higher water contents (e.g. ASTM D 4377) in crude oil, liquid petroleum products, biofuels and non-hydrocarbon organic compounds - alcohols, aldehydes, ketones, chlorinated solvents.

The Titrator HI903 combines a highly accurate dosing system with a design for optimal reaction speed and sophisticated relative drift evaluation.

Flexible and accurate endpoint determination: Selectable detection principle - relative drift, absolute drift or stable mV.

Due to the stable conditions in the titration vessel and the dynamic dosing of the titration reagent, the HI903 titrator can also be used for sensitive determination of low water concentrations.


Range 100 ppm to 100%
Resolution 1 ppm to 0.0001%
Result Units %, ppm, mg/g, μg/g, mg, μg, mg/ml, μg/ml, mg/pc, μg/pc
Sample Types liquid, suspension, solid (direct input)
Pre-Titration Conditioning automatic
Background Drift Correction automatic or manual
Endpoint Criteria fixed mV persistence, relative drift stop or absolute drift stop
Dosing dynamic with optional pre-dispensing rate
Dosing Pump Accuracy ±0.1% of full burette volume
Dosing Pump Resolution 1/40000 of the burette volume (0.125 μL per dose) with 5 mL burette
Titration Vessel conical with operation volume between 50-150 mL
Solvent Handling System sealed system, integrated diaphragm air pump
Result Statistic mean, standard deviation
Titration Methods up to 100 methods (standard and user-defined)
Logging Data up to 100 complete titration records and drift rate records can be stored