Research Assistants

Dominik Pikeš

Dominik PikešWhy did you choose to study chemistry?

At high school, I was interested mainly in chemistry and biology so I was looking for a field of study with these two subjects. I admit that my first choice was medicine. But after finding that I can study UCT in Záluží, I did not hesitate and filed the application here. After an unsuccessful admission procedure for medicine, I chose chemistry and I do not regret my decision at all.

What made you to get involved in research assistance in UniCRE?

I work in UniCRE, because it enables me to combine work with college and gain experience in the field of my studies.

What do you do in UniCRE as the research assistant concretely?

I assist my boss from the Laboratory of biomass chemistry. I help her with everything that's really needed, whether it's weighing of samples, their disposing or washing dishes.