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Compact Gasification and Synthesis process for Transport Fuels (COMSYN) 01 May 2017
Průmyslová technologie výroby produktů z geopolymerů 01 August 2016
Pokrokové produkty spotřební a stavební chemie 01 August 2016
Development of the UniCRE centre 01 January 2016
Efficient Use of Energy Resources Using Catalytic Processes 01 January 2016
Modified hydrotalcites for heterogenous catalysis of the basic condensation reactions 01 June 2015
The investigation of the active sites in supported vanadia catalysts for the selective oxidation of ethanol 01 January 2015
The investigation of the interactions of metals and acidic centers in zeolitic catalysts for hydroisomerization reactions 01 January 2015
Upgrading of bio-oil into fuel grade diesel 01 January 2015
Analysis of the structure/activity relationship of Mg/Al, Ca/Al and Zn/Al mixed oxides in aldol condensation and transesterification reactions 01 January 2015
Development of functional bituminous binder for semi-warm asphalt mixes with increased content of reclaimed asphalt 01 July 2014
Foundry cores with geopolymer binder 01 July 2014
Preparation of hydrocarbons of jet fuel fraction by two-stage hydroconversion of triglycerides of carboxylic acid 01 April 2014
Catalytic oxidation of alkenes 01 January 2013
Innovative materials based on hydroxylapatite 01 January 2012
Development of a methodology for fast determination of long-term activity of hydrodesulfurization catalysts 01 April 2011
Research and development of heavy metals separation from wastewater by reduction-sorption method and techniques of processing of heavy metals mixture from reduction and their compounds into useful products 01 April 2011
Research and development of novel catalytic and adsorption applications for modified hydrotalcites 01 April 2011
Raw material sources for recovery of cultural heritage 01 February 2011
Upgrading of byproducts from the production of basic olefins 01 February 2011
Research and development of highly active catalyst based on ZrO2 and its application for izomerization of C5-C6 hydrocarbons 01 February 2011
Regeneration of waste pickling liquors and rinse waters from the surface treatment processes of steel and non-ferrous metals by a low-temperature process in the microwave heated reactor 01 January 2011
Production technology of lightweight grogs 01 January 2011
Low viscosity inorganic binders and their applications 01 January 2011
Analysis of the structure/activity relationship of acid-base heterogeneous catalysts in esterification and transesterification reactions 01 January 2011
Unipetrol Centre of Research and Education 01 October 2010
Production of hydrogen by thermal catalytic cracking 01 October 2010
Production and aplication of a special active carbon for big-scale enviromental aplications 01 April 2010
Catalytic transformations lignin to fine chemicals and monomers 01 January 2010