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Stavárek Petr

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Induced Oscillatory Behaviour During 2-Methylpropene (Isobutene) Hydrogenation in a Packed Bed Microreactor

PROCEEDINGS of the 4th International Conference on Chemical Technology, Czech Society of Industrial Chemistry, Mikulov, Pages 45 - 51

Vydáno/uděleno: 2016
Druh výsledku: Článek ve sborníku (Article in the proceedings)

Self-sustained oscilations of temperature and conversion in a packed bed microreactor during 2-methylpropene (isobutene) hydrogenation

Catalysis Today; Vol. 256; Part 2; 2015; Pages 250-260

Vydáno/uděleno: 2015
Druh výsledku: Článek v odborném periodiku (Article in a professional journal)